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Discussion in 'CPD Courses' started by chrissy, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. chrissy

    chrissy Guest

    Has anyone attended a mindfulness course with the MISP?
    i am planning to complete it in June...any thoughts..??
  2. EnglishTeacher

    EnglishTeacher New Member

    FYI: This website is really quite good for teaching resources http://www.mindfulteachers.org/

    I'd like to try a course for myself and to train students in mindful thinking; if anyone can recommend a course that they have been attended, please do so.
  3. Rash

    Rash New Member

    Certain books like The Power of Now and The Conscious Parent are a must read if doing mindfulness type courses/training. They really promote the whole ethos behind it.
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